Marcet Soccer Academy in Barcelona

Marcet Soccer Academy is located in Barcelona, Spain. The focus of this academy is to develop and train soccer players to help them get to the next level. Some former students include Keylor Navas, Jackson, Didier Ovono, Carlos Kameni and Oliver Torres.
Marcet provides many types of programs: short-term programs, full-time programs, summer camps and tournaments. No matter what type of program players choose, they can add a program extra: New Technologies and Technical Analysis.
New Technologies - this program is for testing your technique with the help of new technologies. For example, cameras that measure the speed and accuracy of the ball and that record the data that is used in analysis to help each player improve.
Technical analysis:  this is a video program analysis, which is taken during the game.
Marcet Academy hosts a soccer tournament during the summer so players have a chance to play against other European soccer clubs.
All players live in a comfortable residence near Marcet Soccer Academy with 24-hour security. For the full-time program, players train in the morning and afternoon.
Morning everyday for 75 minutes, and during the day they have school and lunch. In the evening players have 120 minutes of training. Saturday is match play or training. Education is a big part of Marcet Soccer Academy and soccer players can choose different types of education systems like American, British or Spanish.
For the summer camp program, players will practice around 5 hours per day and they have a chance to participate in the European Championship hosted by Marcet Soccer Academy. Many teams come from Europe, South America and USA to participate in this tournament.
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