1)  What is SportCampTravel? 

SportCampTravel is the easiest way to book a sports camp around the world. We have over 40 camps and academies in various sports, like tennis, soccer, basketball, golf, and more. Our website provides everything you need to book a camp seamlessly and securely.  All of our camps are personally checked for quality by the SportCampTravel owners. Whether you are a beginner, a professional, an adult, a team, or anything in between, SportCampTravel has a program for you.

2) What is the difference between a camp and academy program?

A camp is a short-term program held during the year (i.e. summer camp). An academy program is a long-term program for full-time athletes who are looking to go to school and train.

3) How can I sign up for camp?

Once you send us the registration form, we will send you a confirmation email about booking a spot.

4)   Can my child travel alone?

Yes. We can help you organize unaccompanied minor service with the airline. On the day of arrival, the academy representative will meet the player at the airport.

5)   Will you help us with booking airplane tickets and hotels?

Yes. We partner with Booking.com, so we recommend you use the Booking link to book your hotels and we can provide recommendations for booking flights.

6)   Do we need insurance to participate in your camp?

Insurance is not required to participate in camps, but you may purchase it separately if you wish. However, most academies have a group insurance policy that covers all players for the duration of their stay at no additional cost.  

7)   Are your camps for beginners or advanced players?

We have a range of camps to fit all levels. We have many options to accommodate professional/aspiring professional players as well as camps for beginners and everything in between. Adults have plenty of options as well. We will work with each client individually to determine which camp is best for his or her level. There is no magic formula to fit all players and we understand that each player has his or her own goals, and we work with that in mind.

8)   How many days after registration should I pay for camp?

We recommend paying within 24 hours of receiving the invoice as we cannot guarantee your spot without payment.

9)   I want to travel with my son/daughter to camp, where I can stay to be closer to them?

Most of our academies have either nearby hotels or on-site accommodations for parents. A SportCampTravel team member can provide you with options.

10)    When I register for camp, should I pay 50% or 100% of the amount?

For short-term camps, you will need to pay 100% of the amount. For full-time training, we can organize a payment schedule depending on the academy’s preference. 

11)   What can SportCampTravel provide us?

We provide camp booking, team travel, professional tryouts, hotel and airline reservations, visa services in certain cases, and always a friendly SportCampTravel representative that will help you with your goals and needs.

12)    Can I visit my child?

We know being away from your son or daughter can be hard, but many academies ask that you refrain from visiting them during the short-term camps. They will have a blast making new friends and playing their sport, so you can rest easy! If your son or daughter is training there full-time, then of course you can go visit. All camps have Wi-Fi, so you can always Skype with your son or daughter, and if you need to visit, we can organize it. SportCampTravel gets regular updates about all of our clients to make sure everyone is having fun and training hard.

13)   How can I contact my son or daughter while they’re at camp?

If your son or daughter doesn’t have a cell phone, you can contact us directly and we will make sure you connect with them.