JC Ferrero Equelite Tennis Academy in Alicante, Spain

The JC Ferrero Tennis Academy is located in Alicante, Spain. This academy provides different types of tennis programs: summer tennis camps, adult tennis camps and a year-round tennis program. Many professional tennis players like Nicolas Almagro, Maria Sharapova and many others choose this tennis academy for training

When a tennis player arrives to JC Ferrero Tennis Academy, the coaches will check the level of the participant’s fitness and tennis skills. Like this, they will find the right group for him/her.  For players who stay for the full time program, the academy will create a personalized tournament schedule. Groups have a maximum of 4 players per court and training is around 4 hours of tennis per day and 3 hours of fitness per day.  For adults, training is mainly one-on-one on the court with a tennis coach.

The JC Ferrero Tennis Academy also provides smart court technology for players.  This system transforms matches and practices into fully interactive and shareable events while providing professional level analysis and evaluation tools to take your game to the next level.

For full-time players, fitness is focused on coordination and speed in the morning and gym training in the afternoon.  The Accommodations and restaurant are conveniently located on-site.

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