Today, SportCampTravel represents over 100 world class camps around the world.

SportCampTravel is a sport concierge service founded in 2005 by brother and sister duo, Natalia Kucherova and Kirill Kucherov. Originally from Russia, Natalia and Kirill were exposed to different cultures at an early age. In 2002, Natalia moved to England to continue her studies in finance and accounting and begin her working career. In 2004, Kirill joined a summer tennis camp in Spain and later returned as a full-time player to achieve his dreams of becoming a professional tennis player. He later moved to Australia where he played for the Australian Tennis Federation and traveled the world playing tournaments on the ATP tour. Combining their experiences, the two worked tirelessly to create the world’s first camp Sport Concierge Service where young athletes can access to all the information they need and book a camp with just one click. Natalia and Kirill have traveled the globe in search of the best sport camps and sport academies.

Today, SportCampTravel represents over 100 world class camps around the world. Their offering includes soccer camps, tennis camps, swimming camps, basketball camps and more. Every year, SportCampTravel serves over one hundred players from 6 continents. They have helped their players get scholarships to various academies and universities, and many of their players have gone on to play for top professional teams around the world. SportCampTravel is located in Miami, USA and Moscow, Russia.

SportCampTravel brings a new evolution of sport travel for athletes of all levels.

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