How to Choose A Sport Camp for your Child


Our agency represents many sport camps around the world, and we would like to share with you some tips to give you a bit of knowledge.

First, you need to decide which country you would like to send your son or daughter to for camp. We know sometimes parents don't have a chance to travel with their child overseas, but if you want to send your child alone to camp, we recommend doing it from 11 years old. Next, you'll need to book the Unaccompanied Minor service at the airport, and we will send you the information of the person who will meet your child at the airport. For ages 11 and under, you can sign up your child for the day program and book accommodations near the camp. If you can't travel overseas this time, we can help you find the nearest camp in your country.

Now, it's very important to know what kind of camp you are looking for. These days most camps have different categories: commercial and non-commercial. Commercial camps are usually affiliated with a professional club and have one or more locations around the world. Non-commercial camps are not affiliated with any club. Typically, camps also have different types of programs: advanced and beginner/intermediate. The advanced program is for young athletes who are looking for professional training where they can prepare for pre-season training during the summer. These types of camps will require good fitness and athletic abilities in order to participate. The beginner/intermediate program is for young campers who are looking to enjoy the summer, great training and excursions. 

Please be aware some camps do not offer both advanced and beginner/intermediate programs. If you're not sure if a camp offers both programs, SportCampTravel will help you out with this.

 Stay tuned for more news in the next blog post.