Marcet Personalized Program


Personalized soccer training program for soccer players who would like to attend during the year. Athletes will have the opportunity to work on strengths, weaknesses and many other aspects to become a better soccer player. You can join the Personalized Marcet Program any time of the year from 1 + weeks during the year. For more information you can request a brochure please click below.

Program includes:

  • Accommodations (with Boarding Program)

  • Meals (Lunch and Snack Only for Non-Boarding Program)

  • Marcet Uniform

  • Training

  • New Technology Session

  • Video Analysis

  • Personalized Evaluation

  • Transfer to/from Airport

  • Language Lessons

Additional Services:

  • Structural Analysis

  • Bioimpedance Analysis


Boarding Program


4 weeks 4800 euros
3 weeks 3800 euros
2 weeks 2800 euros
1 week 1800 euros

Non Boarding Program


4 weeks 4300 euros
3 weeks 3400 euros
2 weeks 2500 euros
1 week 1600 euros