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SportCampTravel is the official agency of sport camps, clubs, and academies around the world. We provide the best prices in the sport market and full customer service from the beginning of the trip until the end. Our agency organizes soccer camps (football camps), tennis camps, basketball camps, swimming camps and many other sport camps. We work with different types tournaments, provide training facilities for individuals and teams, and organize talent searches and tryouts.


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Book your dream camp around the world. Tennis, soccer, golf, swimming, basketball and more.


Have some free time from work? Travel and book your camp around the world. You can choose tennis or golf. 


Dream to be a future superstar athlete or get a full college scholarship? Join our full time sport academies around the world where young athletes live, study, and train full time to be future professional sports stars. Tennis, golf, soccer, basketball and more.


SportCampTravel will organize the best team travel package for your team. You have a chance to practice with top clubs and coaches around the world. 

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We provide tryouts and college recruitment. 


Here you can see upcoming soccer tryouts around the world