Interview with Founder of Azura Swimming Academy


Today we are launching our Sportcamptravel blog! We are super excited and today we have a new academy on our website, Azura Swimming Academy. We interviewed the founder Gianluca Alberani. Keep reading for the full interview.

SCT: Hello Gianluca, thanks for your time! Why did you decide to open a swimming academy?

Gianluca: Swimming has always been part of my life and my biggest passion. I was a top-level swimmer in Italy back in the days. With Azura Florida Aquatics I want to help swimmers to reach their dreams and give them a better future trying to get scholarships in any college in the US. 

SCT:  You have a full-year program and a summer program at your academy. How many players do you have who train for the full year, and what are the ages? What countries do they represent?

Gianluca: In Azura we have a very strong year round program with almost 100 swimmers of different ages, who complete locally, nationally and internationally. We receive swimmers from everywhere such as Europe, Central and South America, Caribbean and Asia. Most of the international swimmers are 15 and over. 

 SCT: What results did u achieve at your academy? 

Gianluca: We started Azura in September 2013. In such a short time frame we had several important results. The most important was the Silver Medal at Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China with the swimmer Marcelo Acosta (18) from El Salvador in the 400 free with the time of 3.51.32

Luis Martinez (18) from Guatemala won the silver medal at the 2014 summer American junior nationals in the 100 fly with 53.34

As a team we won the Spring Speedo Sectionals in March 2014 and we finished runner up in the 2014 Spring Senior Championships. 

 SCT: You have so many young coaches. Could you please tell us about your personal swimming experience? Why should professional swimmers choose Azura academy? 

Gianluca: Having a young coaching staff is one of our successful points. We are all very passionate and we are ex-swimmers. We love what we do and when we are on the pool deck we give our 110% to each individual swimmer. Individualizing the practices and focusing every single swimmer's goal is one of our strengths. 

SCT: What's the difference in training in the full-time program and the summer stage? How many swimmers do you have in the summer? 

GianlucaOur summer camp is 8 weeks long and we receive swimmers from all around the world of different ages. During the camp we work more on details on the technique and motivational aspects. Meeting swimmers from different countries will also give the possibility of creating life long friendships. It is definitely an experience that I recommend to those swimmers who do not have the possibility or intention of staying for a long period.

SCT: Who looks after the kids? How is the security at your academy?

GianlucaDuring our swim camps we have 24/7 supervision. We have counselors and coaches staying at the hotel where the campers are hosted and they provide constant surveillance to each camper.