About SportCampTravel:

SportCampTravel was founded in 2005 by brother and sister duo, Natalia Kucherova and Kirill Kucherov. Born in Russia, Natalia and Kirill were exposed to different cultures at an early age. At 14, Kirill went to a summer tennis camp in Spain and later returned as a full-time player to achieve his dreams of becoming a professional tennis player. He later moved to Australia where he played for the Australian Tennis Federation and travelled the world playing tournaments. With Natalia's background in finance and accounting and Kirill's experience as a professional athlete, the two worked tirelessly to create the world's first camp booking service. Natalia and Kirill have travelled the world in search of the best camps and academies so that others may also achieve their dreams of playing a sport, whether professionally or recreationally.

SportCampTravel started with the JC Ferrero Tennis Academy when they asked Natalia and Kirill to represent them as their official sports agents. After many successful seasons with JC Ferrero, their client base expanded and grew to include Real Madrid, AC Milan, IMG Academies, and many others. Today, SportCampTravel represents over 40 world class academies. Every year, they send hundreds of players to their partner academies for both summer camps and year round training. They have helped their players get scholarships to various academies and universities, and many of their players have gone on to play for top professional teams around the world.

SportCampTravel connects sport and opportunity. With their extensive knowledge and experience, SportCampTravel brings a new evolution of sport travel for athletes of all levels. 



  • Camp and Academy Booking
  • Team Travel
  • Adult Camps
  • Tryouts
  • College Recruiting
  • Management
  • Nutrition Consulting



We believe that sports camps are life changing and encourage kids to open their world to new ideas and cultures and create lasting friendships with players from different countries. We are the window to the sports world for our clients, where they can book their dream camp with one click. By providing our personal experience and honest feedback, we help each client find the best camp that fits their goals and needs. We combine sport, luxury, cultural experiences, and travel in one place.  Our team visits each academy and does all of the research so our clients can have a peace of mind and book camps easily and confidently. We also create new opportunities for adults who love sports and offer them the best destinations in sport travel around the world where they can enjoy a relaxing holiday, improve their fitness, and connect with people from around the world that share their passions. So that we can hear more from our clients, we created a comments section for each camp so they can share their experience.  Together we will grow and improve our SportCampTravel family. 


To be the premier provider of sport camps around the world and help our clients achieve their sport goals by sharing our passion and journey in sports and creating a personalized experience for each client.